25 Things To Do Before Age 25!

25 Things To Do Before Age 25!

As it gets closer to my 22nd birthday I realized that I needed to make a list of goals of everything I want to accomplish within the next 3 years. Some things on my list are simple and some are a little more difficult to complete, but I’m definitely up for the challenge! Here’s 25 thing I’d like to do before I’m 25 years old!

  1. Obtain my passport
  2. Go on a cruise to the Bahamas.
  3. Take my girls to Disney World
  4. Create a photo book
  5. Earn a full time income from my blog, and be able to stay home with my girls
  6. Get married.
  7. Pay my car off
  8. Buy a house
  9. Get my Bachelors degree in Nursing
  10. Spend more time outdoors
  11. Climb a mountain
  12. Go skydiving
  13. Save $10,000 for emergency funding
  14. Make new “mom friends”
  15. Step outside of my comfort zone and enjoy it.
  16. Pay off all of my credit card debt and learn how to budget
  17. Take a trip to Vegas
  18. Make more time for myself
  19. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  20. Rent a truck and take a road trip.
  21. Go on a safari ride
  22. Visit 15 states. (I’ve been to 11)
  23. Swim with the sharks
  24. Move out of state
  25. Live a life that I’ll never need a break from

As I accomplish each of these I will do a updated blog showing what I’ve done.

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